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Wont' you Please Donate To a Worthy Cause?

We got off to a good start but seemed to have stalled. Let's keep moving forward with donations so please donate so I can reach the goal of $3,500 and make this powerful book a reality. The deadline of May 6th is fast approaching. I have also given to many author's Kickstarters so let's hear from these authors too! The sketch below is an actual sketch of the Koala Ballerina that will be in my book.

Hey everyone! Due to music teaching six days a week, I am doing a Facebook Fundraiser instead of a Kickstarter. I am going to be doing my fourth book, a new series, Koala Ballerina’s Superhero Bowling Rescue, a children’s book about bullying and ADHD, and I am in need of donations for the illustrations. It is quite costly to pay for children’s book illustrations, and a donation from you would be forever grateful. Anything you can give is appreciated. If you do a donation of $10, you will get a free e-book of the new book once it is published, Anything $25 or more will receive a free paperback of the book once it is published. I will keep you posted as we reach our goal of $3,500. Thank you ahead of time for the donation and helping get this essential book to publication! The Facebook fundraiser starts Thursday, April 21st. Here is the link to where you can donate.


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