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My New Anti-bullying Children's Book!

Is Koala Ballerina the greatest twirling female superhero ever? Will she be able to keep Wilfrid Wombat, who suffers from ADHD, from being bullied by Digby Dingo, the town bully? Read along to find out! In the first book of the series, Koala Ballerina is one of a kind. She is smart, gentle and fun and can turn into a superhero in a snap! She also loves ballet dance and a quick spin. Join her as she tries to save bowler Wilfrid Wombat from the evil clutches of Digby Dingo. Subtle suggestions that support the fight against bullying and how to handle ADHD. Dance, sports and fantasy lovers of ALL AGES will find this book enlightening and informative in an enjoyable rhyming mode. Join Koala Ballerina in her first book as she tries to make the role of “world’s greatest female koala superhero!”


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