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My First E-mail Newsletter!


July 2022 Newsletter

Hey everyone! So, I decided it was time to do a monthly e-mail newsletter, and I really did not know where to start! This month I thought it would be neat to highlight some of my author friend’s books. I always highlight mine, so it was time to spotlight other children’s books.

Spotlighting my first author we welcome Patricia Moore. Her books for children include “The Angel With One Wing,” “Silent Shepherd,” “First Winter,” Just a Servant,” and “LaToya’s Downtown Day.” Wonderful stories with lovely illustrations, and she is an award-winning author.

My next spotlight is on Author Kimann, who has several children’s series including Goldy the Puppy, Ruby the Rainbow Witch, and other stories that include mermaids, Santa Claus, ninjas, elves, dinosaurs and sandpipers. Fun books to enjoy. She is also an award-winning author just like me.

My last spotlight is on Author M.D. Ford, whose children’s books include “A Day At The Pee Wee Rodeo,” A Gymkhana With Dee and Friends, and “A Barrel Racer’s Dream.” Fun awaits for each child with these books. She also has activity books and she is also an award-winning author.

All their books are available on Amazon. I hope your children will enjoy these books!

For the final part of the newsletter, I will announce my author events to you. On July 31st, I will be at the Lee County Jr. 4-H Fair. On August 4th, I will be at Anderson Japanese Gardens. A Barnes and Noble book signing at Rockford will be sometime in the near future, as well as other events announced for the rest of the year. Stay tuned for these announcements.

Have a great rest of the month!



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