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Launching in June!

From 14x Award-winning and Amazon Bestselling Author Sheri Poe-Pape

Did you know every grandma and grandchild time together is a special one?  Every time they are together creates a memory that will last forever.   A special read-aloud book for story time, bedtime or anytime.

Grandma play games with us

Grandma reads with us

Grandma snuggles with us

Grandma laughs with us

Grandma enjoys music with us

Grandma just totally loves us!

A great Grandparent’s Day gift, Valentine’s Day gift, birthday gift, or just a way to show l love you. A Grandma Spells L-O-V-E’s illustrations are warm and inviting, with deep touching memories that will keep Grandma forever in their hearts as well as treasured memories for Grandma.


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