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Another Timeless Children's Book For Summer Reading Library!

Is Koala Ballerina the greatest twirling female superhero ever? Will she be able to keep Wilfrid Wombat from being bullied by Digby Dingo, the town bully? Read along to find out!

In the first book of the series, Koala Ballerina is one of a kind. She is smart, gentle and fun and can turn into a superhero in a snap! She also loves ballet dance and a quick spin. Join her as she tries to save bowler Wilfrid Wombat from the evil clutches of Digby Dingo. Subtle suggestions that support the fight against bullying.

Dance, sports and fantasy lovers of ALL AGES will find this book enlightening and informative in an enjoyable rhyming mode.

Join Koala Ballerina in her first book as she tries to make the role of “world’s greatest female koala superhero!”

Midwest Book Review:

Koala's solution goes beyond rescue, delving into creating bridges of understanding that adults can use to show the young how to foster cooperation in their own young worlds.

By using the image of a proactive, strong female who figures out how to not just be a superhero, but help educate those around her, the story moves beyond an action figure's rescue attempts to delve into the bigger picture of emotional barriers to acceptance, and understanding how to address them.

Libraries and adults looking for picture books that feature strong female characters, attract attention with vivid color drawings and the familiar superhero concept, then take the next step into linking these attractors to better life choices and true heroism will find Koala Ballerina's Superhero Bowling Rescue a winner.

D. Donovan, Sr. Editor, Midwest Book Review

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Note from the author:

As a child starting in third grade, I started exhibiting ADHD. This included having a hard time focusing, panic attacks which resulted in sometimes not being able to sit in the classroom seat and room. This then involved on and off in-school and home schooling education until the end of high school. I did choir when I could and also art club, but there were so many more after school activities I wanted to be in. While struggling through all this, I was daily bullied by kids from the 7th -12th grade which included both terrible verbal and physical attacks. Kids taunted me like I had something really mentally wrong with me. Taking piano lessons helped me somewhat cope due to the beauty of the music I played. In the mean time, I discovered wonderful friends that supported and defended me even to this day.

By the end of high school, I had outgrown most of the ADHD, and I started college with no issues. I graduated with five honor societies, dean's list and being named 1 of 20 NIU Outstanding Women Students for 1991. Since 1979, I have been the Director/Educator of my own music school teaching piano and voice. Many of my students have gone on to sing at Carnegie Hall, Grand O' Opry, Off-Broadway and make it in the first round of American Idol. Also having one student teaching piano at Interlochen. I have also won a 1985 Gold Congressional Medal for the performing arts and got to go to Washington, DC to receive it. I am a wife, mother and a grandmother of a little girl. Since 2013, I have been an Amazon Bestselling Children's Author with the Cassie Pup Series, which has won 1 international and 11 national children's book awards.

I strongly felt I needed to write the Koala Ballerina book for the kids who have been bullied and have ADHD and need encouragement on how to cope with the situation; that they are not alone and the true friends and family will be behind them 100% always. Children can read this book over and over to gain confidence and to know there is no reason to feel despair, but just have hope for today and the future.


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