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(Summer 2018)

Had a wonderful morning author interview on WROK with Riley O'Neil.  It was nice to visit with him again and share my books. 

Was invited again on the WIFR-TV 23 Morning Blend with Andy Gannon.  Great to share the two books with his tv audience.  (Fall 2018)


(Winter 2018)

Had a great interview with B103's Judi Diamond.  I look forward to going back to interview with her again.


(Fall 2018)

Facebook Children's Picture Book Author Interview with Sonnet O'Dell.  It was very informative. 


(April 2019)

Looking forward to my interview next month with Kingdom Boss Media Productions. 


Getting my calendar ready for the new school year's school and library visits. 


Cassie's Marvelous Music Lessons will be on Free on Amazon with KDP Book Promotion from July 1st-5th, and Cassie Pup Takes the Cake?? will be the same but from July 2nd-6th. Get your child a copy then!

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